About Recrear

Recrear is an organization believing above all in the potential of young minds. Our aim is to enable inspired youths to create and carry out their own projects in the field of international development. We seek to provide support for projects run by young people for young people. Using our global network, Recrear envisions a platform where project developers can be put into contact with consultants, like-minded NGOs and corporations in demand of development-based corporate social responsibility programs.

To read more about Recrear visit www.recrear.ca

Recrear Participación

Recrear Participación is a two week simulation workshop launched by Recrear this summer with two pilot projects which will serve as a launch for what will become a sustainable signature project for Recrear globally.

The project will be delivered in:

– Esperanza, Dominican Republic: June 12th to July 17th, 2011;

– Santiago, Dominican Republic: July 18th to July 22th, 2011.

Read the PDF for project summary and outline here.